Anne M Cropper

It’s been awhile…

What can I say the past year has been a roller coaster for this gal. I was married in September to the most amazing man I know. We took the private destination wedding with built in honeymoon route and went out to Sedona, AZ. We spent a lot of time around Flagstaff and had a blast.


Upon returning home we got hit with two extreme bits of news. First I was diagnosed with Ductal Carcinoma in situ which is considered by some a Stage 0 cancer though the name means pre-cancer. The very next day we confirmed that I was pregnant. Well…crazy news huh? We moved forward with a lumpectomy and sailed through pregnancy without any problems. My last mammogram came back clean and now we plan to continue to monitor and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Then on July 4th at 41 and 1/2 weeks I gave birth to our son Wyatt Griffin Vaughan. We had a home birth with a wonderful Midwife, her assistant and our Doula. The experience was perfect and at 11.5 hours a fairly quick birth for a first time Mother with a 10lb baby!

Wyatt 3

So that’s a quick recap on the past year. I have stepped away from work with The Slant Factory and I believe it’s being used as studio space only now. I have left my position at American Public University to raise our son and have joined the Board of Directors for Jefferson Arts Council. I will be sharing as often as possible as I work to update my website. Cheers!

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